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FAQ & Policys

Q. How many exclusive events per day does The Divine Event do?

A. As of Feb 2010 one per day. Beginning February of 2013, we will be capable of doing two exclusive events per day.


Q. Do you offer Military discounts?

A. Yes The Divine Event has added perks for active military.


Q. When must my rental items be returned?

A. No later than 48 hours after your event or you will be liable for another days rental of each item.


Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. Yes, we offer paid in full discounts, Internet booking discounts, photo booking perks and cash packages. All of these are combinable and non refundable as they are done at a very special rate. Think of it as booking a travel package online etc.

You get an amazing deal for the money, but must commit fully.


Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. No, The Divine Event does not offer refunds, but many options are available for transferring or rescheduling your event.

Each and every deposit/payment on account is non refundable.


Q. Do you do in person consultations?

A. The Divine Event is an Internet Based company, and although it is rare, some clients do opt for in person consultations before booking. Internet /phone consultations prior to booking are free of charge, and in person consultations vary depending on length and the type of consultation needed. Upon booking, all clients are eligible for 2, 2 hour in person consultations and walkthrough at their event location. This is a complimentary service that some clients may or may not utilize.


Q. I am active military and I must reschedule my wedding due to a deployment.

A. The Divine Event has a special military reschedule rate that is 20% of their original contract. Please contact The Divine Event if you are being deployed so we can work out a way to still hold your special day.


Q. I must make a late payment, is there a late fee?

A. A $35 late fee is applicable for clients anywhere from 1-29 days.


Q. I had a returned check, is there a returned check fee?

A. The return check fee is $35


Q. Will my wedding be in a magazine or on your web site, blog etc?

A. Yes clients who agree, are given special perks for photos. Photos must be submitted within 90 days after event.